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      TollFreeConferenceCall User Guide
The following conference user guide will provide you with detailed instructions for conducting your conference calls with TollFreeConferenceCall.com:

Step 1 Setup Conference Call

Organize your conference call by notifying all participants of the date and time for your conference call and provide them with the conference dial-in number and participant access code.

Step 2 Set Conference Preferences

Login to your TollFreeConferenceCall account and click on Preferences found under the Control Panel tab. On the next page, set your preferred features before your conference call begins.

What are Conference Preferences?

Preferences allow you to set your conference features like entry and exit tones to be on or off when a participant joins the conference call. It allows you to disconnect callers if the host is not present and the caller count feature can be turned on or off.

Step 3 Get on the Call

At the specified time, all participants dial the conference dial-in number and enter the participant access code. As the host you will also join via telephone with the same conference dial-in number and host access code.

A. Access Web Controls To view your live conference call, log into your TollFreeConferenceCall account and click Start Conference found under the Control Panel tab. On the next page, click the Conference View tab to view your live conference call.

B.   Indentify Participants

When participants join your conference call, you may assign a name to them to identify them when they are speaking. To assign names click on the Caller Name field and type in the participants' name.

C.   Record Conference Call

Record your conference call by clicking ON under the record button found on the left of your Conference View page. The button will display that recording is on. To stop and save the recording, simply click on OFF and it'll display that the recording function is off.

D.   Mute Participants

There are several options available to you for muting participants. To mute an individual participant, simply select the mute box for that specific individual.  A check mark will appear letting you know that the individual is muted. To un-mute the individual participant; select the box again.

To mute all participants use the Mute Mode button found on the left of the Conference View page. The Mute Mode button has 3 functionalities; 1-OFF: open conversation, 2-Mute: mutes all participants except the host, 3-Lecture: which mutes participants without allowing them to un-mute themselves.

E.   Conduct Q&A Session

To begin Q&A session, select Q&A located above the Q&A queue of your Conference View page. A prompt will announce that all participants are muted. For participants that have a question have them press *6 and they will be prompted to confirm their request. Once confirmed, they will be placed in the Q&A queue. As the host, you may click on Engage to allow participants to ask their question.

F.   Broadcast Audio Files

When on a conference call you have the option to broadcast audio and previously recorded conference files for your participants.  To broadcast audio files during a conference call, click on the Broadcaster icon found to the right hand side of your Conference View page.  A window will display from which you may upload audio and previously recorded conference calls.  To play a file, simply click on the green play icon and broadcasting will begin automatically.  You have the option to stop, resume and pause broadcasting at any time. You may also minimize and expand the window at anytime during your conference call.

G.  Hold Participants

There are two options available for placing participants on hold while on a conference call:

To place all participants on hold click ON under the Hold button and a prompt will announce that all participants are on hold. Click on OFF to place participants off hold. To place an individual on hold, select the hold box for that individual and a check box will appear notifying you that the individual is on hold. To place that individual back to the conference select the hold box again.

H.   Lock Conference

While on the conference call, Lock Conference to disable participants from joining the call:

To lock conference click ON under the Lock button found on the left of your Conference View page. To un-lock conference simply click on OFF under the Lock button again.

I. Disconnect Participants

As the host you have the option of dropping disruptive, bad connections or anonymous callers from your Conference View page. To drop a participant, simply select the box under the Drop Call field and that individual participant will be disconnected from the call.

To disconnect all participants click on OFF under the Live Conference button found on the left of your Conference View page and a prompt will ask you to confirm or cancel the command.

Step 4 After the Call

After each conference call you conduct, a Call Detail Report will be stored in your account which lists participants dial-in numbers, total callers, total minutes used and total charges. Your Call Detail Reports and any recorded conference calls are listed under the Statements & Recordings found under the Control Panel tab.


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